Saturday, January 23, 2010

Way too much handspun cotton!

This is not even what I started with - I had already wound several yards off onto my niddy-noddy when I took this photo!  This is actually about a year's worth of cotton spinning.  Several years ago I bought a pound of cotton sliver, and have been slowly working my way through it  I don't have any particular project in mind, and it'll be a very long time before I'll really be able to use my loom again, so I had figured it would be OK if it took me forever.  I don't think I'd accounted for losing my ball-winder, and then wanting the bobbin for something else.  I'm not even going to speculate on how much yardage is here!  Do you have any idea how sore a shoulder can get from having to manually wind off this much thread?


  1. I scrapbook for a living and knit at night for pleasure- I've always wanted to spin my own yarn- maybe someday. A year is a long time- use it for a special project. Stopped by from SITS! p.s. your jewelry is beautiful!

  2. That is so cool that you know how to do that.

    My grandma back in Europe used to do that. It is such a hard work.

  3. Wow, you spin! I am in awe... I just started learning to knit a few weeks ago so I am completely fascinated by all the work that goes into handmade fibers. I know what you mean about the kiddos, too. I couldn't have even thought of learning this craft even a year ago with 2 toddler boys all over the place. Just when I would sit down, "crash!" or crying or some other nonsense. I am finding that even though I am a horrible beginning knitter, it is so relaxing!


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