Saturday, June 19, 2010

My garden looks nekkid!

My peas are all done for the season :(  The plants are now in the compost getting ready to provide nitrogen for next year's garden, and I have planted my pickling cukes where the peas used to be.  I know I could have had cucumbers out much earlier, but I didn't have room!  I really need a much bigger garden.

Last year my cucumbers did not grow past 8" tall.  Some of that may have had to do with the hailstorm we got in June, but it was such an off year for gardens it's hard for me to know which failures were mine and which were Mother Nature.  At any rate, I figured since cucumbers grow quickly I might as well direct-seed them this year and avoid potential transplant issues (and things like forgetting to turn the lights on or off!), and so far they seem to be doing well!

I'm hoping to get at least 6mos worth of pickles out of these - maybe a year if I'm really lucky!


  1. My peas are toast, too! Wow, hail!

  2. Fortunately the hail was from this time last year! I really hope we don't have a repeat.

  3. I'm jealous. I can't even plant a garden this year because my garden is right up against the house, and we're *planning* to reside the house. I didn't think I could stand to watch my plants get walked on, so...


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