Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yay for farmer's markets!

My local farmer's market opened for the season last week, and I finally got there today.  I know a lot of the vendors have seedlings, so I wait for the farmer's market to buy anything I haven't succeeded in propagating myself.  Here's today's haul of plants:

Three different types of basil, rosemary, chocolate mint (!), thyme to replace one of my plants that didn't survive the winter, and this year my favorite vendor, Chaplin Farms, has stevia plants!  The two stevia plants I started from seed last year were amongst the beetle casualties, and never made it past six leaves.

I also got beets, asparagus, rhubarb (crumble for dessert!), eggs, and milk and chevre from Sweet Pea.  Now I need to decide what else is for dinner tonight!  Maybe grilled chicken breast?


  1. I had to succumb, too - 2 pots of chives yesterday LOL, I can't seem to grow them :)

  2. I have difficulty with any alliums - although some of that bad luck is the voles! Onions seem to be their favorite meal!


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